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2020 Summer House League

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General Information

  • 2020 Outdoor Summer  House League early Bird price now OPEN
  • Registration fee includes a 14 week program plus uniform kit, individual and team photo plus a season end banquet game for the U4/U5/U6 teams, and BBQ where trophies or medallions will be given out
  • The U6-U18 age groups will play in an end of season Festival for the Stampeder Cup.
  • This year the House league program will change from 12 weeks to 14.
  • Skill Zone Camps: 3 weekend skill zone camps included. these camps will be aimed at skill testing where all players will be challenged in 6 fun skill stations, which  will be followed by a world cup game format.
  • Player Skill testing cards and Individual  player development sessions will be available on our online library
  • Players are responsible to have shin guards at each game and cleats are recommended
  • Any volunteer coaches that are interested in coaching in the 2020 House league program can contact the Technical Director David Thorburn at
  • Coaching clinics will be available for anyone interested in coaching twice monthly from January 2020, there is also an online week by week library live on our new website under coaching Info for all ISC coaches. 
  • Volunteer coaches and assistant coaches are needed in all age groups; Innisfil Soccer will help you train your players through our 14 week training program.
  • All coaches will be provided with a step by step coaching book that helps explain many of the first time coaching issues that may occur.
  • There is a meet and greet for all players and parents to meet your coach prior to the season kick off, where uniforms and information will be handed out.


U4-U5 2016 to 2017 $185 $210 4V4
U6-U12 2015 to 2007 $220 $240 5V5 to 9V9
U13-U18 2006 to 2001 $220 $240 9v9 to 11v11
ADULT League OPEN $220 $240 AFTER April 15th 11V11

Outdoor House League Sheduled Game Nights 2020

Innisfil Soccer Clubs Outdoor House League Game Nights
Venue Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Innisfil Beach Park , Fields1 & 2 Timbits U4/U5 Timbits U4/U5 U6 Boys & U6 Girls Academy IDA
Innisfil Rec Complex Innisfil Beach Park, U9/U10 Boys U9/U10Girls U11/U12/Girls U13/16 Girls U11/U12/ Boys U13 U16
Innisfil Rec Complex Innisfil Beach Park,Huron Park U16/U18 Co Ed U14/15/16 Girls U7 Boys: U8 Boys U7 Girls U8 Girls
Innisfil Rec Complex
Innisfil Rec Complex Womens League

House League Schedule

Fields Info

Innisfil Recreational Innisfil Soccer Club Fields directions.
Innisfil Beach Park 1 Full Field
676 Innisfil Beach Road
Innisfil Recreational Complex 4 Full Field
7315 Yonge Street
Nantyr Park 1 x 9V9
  915 Kennedy Road
Huron Court Park 1x 9v9/7v7
1260 Huron Court
Webster Park 1 x7v7
1945 Webster Boulevard
  1160 Quarry Drive