A Coach’s commitment is to improve the performance of the players and the team physically and mentally.

Coaches are expected to have good communication with players, parents/guardians to ensure all parties involved understand, support and abide by the playing rules and codes of acceptable conduct.

Coaches will treat players, parents, opponents and officials with respect at all times. Throughout the season, coaches will maintain high standards of personal conduct and fair play.

Coaches should never be involved in circumstances which are offensive or suggest sexual connotation.

Coaches must be enthusiastic and positive. They must ensure they are generous with praise when deserved.

Coaches will refrain from the use of all drugs, alcohol and tobacco at all games and practices.

Coaches need to provide a high quality soccer program for players within a positive environment/fun atmosphere.

I acknowledge that this Code of Conduct has been adopted by the Innisfil Soccer Club and agree that if I fail to abide by the aforementioned rules and guidelines, I will be subject to disciplinary action by the Innisfil Soccer Club that could include the following, but is not limited to the following:

– Warning
– Probation
– Game suspension
– Season suspension
– Removal from program

In the event a situation rises which calls for interpretation, the Innisfil Soccer Club will take into account the best interest of each athlete, the entire team, the Innisfil Soccer Club, and the integrity of the soccer game. Any decisions made by the Innisfil Soccer Club Board of Directors will be final.

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