Innisfil Soccer Club (“ISC”)…

Will NOT tolerate referee abuse of any kind (verbal or physical). Team Captains/Reps are the only players to address matters on the field. Players must set a positive example for others, particularly young players and supporters.

Will NOT tolerate discrimination of any kind including ethnicity, age, ability or skill level. Players will strive to treat others as they wish to be treated.

WILL accept having fun, encouraging team members to grow and improve all season long. Players will make every effort to develop their own sporting ability in terms of skill, technique, tactics and stamina.


Will obey the laws of the sport of soccer as presented by FIFA rules excluding exemptions approved by the by the Innisfil Soccer Club and the League.

Will treat opponents, coaches and officials with respect, good manners and common decency at all times.

Are expected to give maximum effort, uphold the objectives of the game and strive for the best possible performance during a game, even if the desired result has already been achieved. All forms of gamesmanship and time-wasting will NOT be tolerated.

Will refrain from the use of all drugs and alcohol before and during all games and practices.

Will always have regard to the best interests of the game, including where publicly expressing an opinion on the game and any particular aspect of it, including others in the game.

Will leave the venue of play in the condition it was found; water bottles, tape and equipment collected and disposed of as necessary.

Must wear official Club wear at all practices and games. Players that lose any Club wear and equipment shall be responsible for replacing the lost article at their own expense.

This is a RECREATIONAL league. Aggressive or dangerous play will NOT be tolerated.


Upon registering for the Innisfil Soccer Club it is understood that YOU, the player, play for fun and fitness and improving in the game of soccer. You also understand that sports participation can come with disagreements among team members and opponents alike. On field disagreements must be dealt with by the officials and team captains only. Incidents that are not resolved on the field during or immediately following the game will be dealt with following a 24 hour cooling-down period. After 24 please feel free to contact your team representative, league representative or any of the ISC Board of Directors.
Note: Failure to abide by this code of conduct will result in warnings and disciplinary action up to and including revocation of ISC membership and ejection from the league.

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